The social history of Bermuda

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Level playing field for out-of-wedlock kids
By Raymond Hainey, GazetteNET News, 12 February 2000. MPs yesterday backed a new law aimed at giving children born outside marriage with just one Bermudian parent a chance to live and work on the Island.
Marchers for women's rights
By Patrick Burgess, GazetteNET News, 13 March 2000. Women and men may join a march about Hamilton today to show support for eliminating poverty and ending discrimination and violence towards women. Sponsored by the large white collar union, the Bermuda Public Services Association, it is being held in conjunction with marches around the world for International Women's Day.
Black on black violence ‘disturbing’
By Matthew Taylor, GazetteNET News, 13 March 2000. Dr. Eva Hodgson, a leading activist on black conflicts, speaking at a meeting on the subject, said conflict amongst whites didn't seem to reach the levels afflicting the black community. She added: Very often we treat each other worse than the way white people do who are expressing racism.