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The working-class history of Angigua and Barbuda

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   The history in general of Antigua and Barbuda

Teachers union to vote on appropriate action
By Natlie S.Flemming, Antigua Sun, 31 May 2000. The Antigua & Barbuda Union of Teachers will cast their votes to decide the action they will take in order to get the government to address their outstanding concerns, including a new collective bargaining agreement and the non-payment of retroactive pay.
No respect, no garbage pick-up
Antigua Sun, 6 July 2000. Because they were the object of disrespectful language, solid waste workers at the Central Board of Health downed their tools in protest yesterday.
Labour minister intervenes in dispute
By Natlie S. Flemming, Antigua Sun, 12 July 2000. The Labour Minister has intervened in the labor dispute involving non-nationals employed at the Central Board of Health. The workers, of whom the majority are Spanish-speaking, claim insults and numerous other complaints.
Antilles Trading rebuffs workers
By Natlie S. Flemming, Antigua Sun, 22 September 2000. The Managing director of Antilles Trading and Shipping refuses to give in to union demands for a salary increase, and he will fire the workers because they, with support from the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union, picketted the company.

The nurses of Antigua and Barbuda

Cuba agrees to pull nurses
The Herald, 26 may 2000. The Cuban government agreed to remove its nurses from working a shift at the state-run Holberton Hospital as Antigua nurses have gone on strike over increased pay.
Striking nurses block Cuban nurses
The Herald, 27 May 2000. Over 100 striking health care workers prevented a bus carrying Cuban nurses from entering the Holberton hospital. The nurses claimed the Cuban nurses were hired as strike breakers.
Strike to end, nurses accept gov't offer
The Herald, 31 May 2000. Antigua nurses were expected to end a five-day strike against the Holberton Hospital after accepting a government offer which is said to include upgrading salaries as well as back-pay.