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The contemporary political history of Barbados

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   The history in general of Barbados

Incomes Protocol 'Hurting Workers'
Daily Nation, 29 May 2000. Example of what comes from a labor-goverment-business agreement: A trade unionist executive member of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) says the Prices and Incomes Protocol seemed not to be functioning in the interest of the workers.
Call For Wage Law
By Albert Branford, in The Nation, 14 August 2000. The President of Barbados NOW, Nalita Gadjadhar, refers to the women's agenda presented to three parties three years before, which only received lip service, not action.
'Sex' Laws
By Terrel Yearwood and Dawn Morgan, in the Barbados Daily Nation, 27 August 2000. Barbados was far behind other countries in regard to legislation to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and so the Minister of Labour promises corrective legislation.