The contemporary political history of Grenada

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Women Making Their Presence Felt
By Peter Richards, IPS, 23 December 1998. As the date for the next general election draws near, women in Grenada seem to hold the keys to its outcome
PM Mitchell seeks to calm industrial relations climate
Antigua Sun, 12 May 2000. Employees of Cable & Wireless Grenada Ltd. and the Grenada Electricity Company, who are members of the militant Technical and Allied workers Union, have threatened to shutdown the country in a bid to save the jobs of 26 striking employees of the Grenada Broadcasting Network.
Grenada Seeks Truth, Reconciliation—and Healing
By Bert Wilkinson, IPS, 16 October 2001. Grenada seeks to heal wounds inflicted by political turmoil, the killing of a prime minister, and a U.S. invasion.
Minimum wage being revised
Granadian Voice, 26 June 2002. In the wake of several wage disputes, the government is now in the process of revising the Minimum Wage in the country.
Venezuelan gov’t approves humanitarian aid to Grenada
Xinhua, 12 September 2004. The Venezuelan government approved on Saturday 1 million US dollars in humanitarian relief for Grenada, where at least 24 people were killed and 90 percent of houses damaged by Hurricane Ivan.