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The contemporary political history of
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

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   The history of St. Vincent and the Grenadinnes in general

Threats to Jurors in Murder Trial of White Couple
From Rick Halperin, 2 August 1997. A missing handgun, telephone threats to jurors and the seamier side of life for some millionaire yachters in the Caribbean highlight the trial of a white American couple accused of murdering a black boatman.
St Vincent workers trying to force Government resignation
CANA Online, 22 April 2000. Labour unions and other interest groups in St. Vincent and the Grenadines say they are initiating industrial action to force the James Mitchell administration to resign (brief).
St Vincent faces crisis
CANA Online, 24 April 2000. Trade union and political leaders are preparing to shut down St. Vincent today to protest a bill granting increased pension and gratuity benefits to parliamentarians (brief).