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The social history of Trinidad and Tobago

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   The history in general of Trinidad and Tobago

   The history of women and gender in Trinidad and Tobago
Uproar Over Condoms-in-Schools Proposal
By Wesley Gibbings, IPS, 3 March 2000. The country's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has sparked a major debate with the suggestion that condoms be made available to children at school.
Child Abandonment Takes Centre-stage
By Wesley Gibbings, IPS, 14 August 2000. Fear of social ostracism is very strong among poor, young women who don't want to be branded as yet another woman giving birth to yet another unwanted child. Cause is a combination of poverty, illiteracy and the breakdown of the extended family.
New Laws to Protect the Children
By Peter Richards, IPS, 27 September 1999. In 1997, a government-appointed task force to investigate the operations of children's homes across the country, reported allegations of starvation, sexual abuse, molestation, and discrimination on the grounds of religion. But abuses of children are reported to be becoming more rampant these days.
Wanted: A New Type of Poverty Alleviation Programme
By Peter Richards, IPS, 19 October 2000. Public assistance gets smaller each year as poverty and homelessness spreads. There has been a rise in the number of street children. And all this is taking place in a country that is considered to be doing quite well economically.