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A list of former Haitian heads of state

By Bob Corbett (bcorbett@crl.com)

President Aristide is headed back to Haiti in a couple of days. I thought some of you might want to look over the history of heads of state of Haiti which this list overviews. It's a rough place to be head of state!

I've included skin color of the president, since that has been a major point of contention over the history of Haiti as blacks have struggled with mulattos for control. This data is mainly taken from Lyonel Paquin's book, CLASS AND COLOR POLITICS IN HAITI.

Bob Corbett
Webster University
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994

  1. Dessalines, Jean Jacques
  2. Christophe, Henri
  3. Petion, Alexander
  4. Boyer, Jean Pierre
  5. Riviere-Herard, Riviere
  6. Guerrier, Philippe
  7. Pierrot, Jean Louis
  8. Riche, Jean Baptiste
  9. Soulouque, Faustin
  10. Geffrard, Fabre Nicholas
  11. Salnave, Sylvain
  12. Nissage-Saget
  13. Domingue, Michel
  14. Boisrond-Canal
  15. Salomon, Lysius Felicite
  16. Legitime, Francois
  17. Hyppolite, Florvil
  18. Simon Sam, Tiresias
  19. Nord, Alexis
  20. Simon, Antoine
  21. Leconte, Cincinnatus
  22. Auguste, Tancrede
  23. Oreste, Michel
  24. Zamor, Oreste
  25. Theodore, Davilmar
  26. Sam, Vilbrun
  27. Dartiguevave, Sudre
  28. Borno, Louis
  29. Roy, Eugene
  30. Vincent, Stenio
  31. Lescot, Elie
  32. Estime, Dumarsais
  33. Magloire, Paul
  34. Duvalier, Francois
  35. Duvalier, Jean-Claude
  36. Namphy, Henri
  37. Manigat, Lesli
  38. Namphy, Henri
  39. Avril, Prosper
  40. Pascal-Trouillot, Etha
  41. Aristide, Jean-Bertrand