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Current economic policies in Haiti

From Haiti-L, 1995

Editor's [Bob Corbett] note: I will append information as I receive it unless it is worthy of a separate file. The first two paragraphs were sent to Bob Corbett's Haiti discussion list.

Bob, The subscriber who wants to know more about current economic policies in Haiti might want to subscribe to [Haiti Info], Haitian Information Bureau, % Lynx Air, Box 407139,Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33340 for a fee of $20.00. She will receive fortnightly about 30 pages of information via electronic mail, much of which is economic. It is the alternative press, I believe. The most recent bulletin was full of interesting economic analysis.

Recent editions of Haiti Info - which I've found in only partial form on the Net -, have explained the neoliberal economic plans that the U.S. and other development wannabes have for Haiti (and every other Third World nation under their control, like several countries in Latin America). They're available on the Net, and via Lynx Air, but I don't have the full address with me right now.

One source of information is SEDRA (Center for Information/Documentation on Haiti O Box 451, Hyde Park, MA 02136. I don't have an e-mail address for them. They are in process of creating a conference on Haiti, IMF and World Bank, and have a newsletter in Kreyol, French and Englaish English that is, primarily discussing current socio-economic topics. Another Source is Washington Office on Haiti, 110 Maryland Ave. NE Suite 310, Washington, DC 20002. Phone 202-543-7095 FAX 202-547-9382. They have a monthly news clipping service that includes relevant copy from business publications in addition to things from Wash. Post, LA Post, Miami and Boston papers. Might also check with Haitian Studies Association to see if their data base in online. Major work goes on in Canada, especially at Mcgill, U of Quebec, The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean studies is online, and there are many experts ready with info.