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Occasional Papers, University of Kansas Institute of Haitian Studies

Bryant Freeman, Ph.D. - General Editor.
28 Feburary 1995

From Bob Corbett's (bcorbett@crl.com) introduction (28 February, 1995):

Bryant Freeman published. . . occasional paper series, available from the Univ. of Kansas bookstore. There are ten of these avaiable at the current time, prices vary and you'd have to contact the bookstore directly.

Available through:
tel: (913) 864-4431

  1. KONSTITISYON REPUBLIK AYITI, 29 mas 1987. September 1994 pp. vi - 106. Haitian-language version (official orthography) of the present Constitution, as translated by Paul Dejean with the collaboration of Yves Dejean. Introduction in English.
  2. TOUSSAIANT'S CONSTITUTION (1801), with Introduction. Oct. 1994. pp. ix-20. In French. Introduction (in English) places Constitution in its historic context and analyzes salient features.
  3. Bryant C. Freeman, SELECTED CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ENGLISH-LANGUAGE BOOKS ON HAITI. Feb. 1995 (Updated). pp. 21. More than 150 entries, with brief description of each; special list of Top Ten. Introduction and text in English. Updated periodically.
  4. Robert Earl Maguire, BOTTOM-UP DEVELOPMENT IN HAITI. January 1995. Pp. iv-63. Keynote: develop people rather than things, with case study as carried out in Le Borgne Introduction and text in English.
  5. Robert Earl Maguire, DEVLOPMAN KI SOTI NAN BAZ NAN PAYI DAYITI. Feb. 1995. pp. v-71. Haitian-language version of No. 5, in Pressoir-Baublas orthography. Introduction in English.
  6. Samuel G. Perkins. ON THE MARGIN OF VESUVIUS: SKETCHES OF ST. DOMINGO, 1785-1793. March 1995. pp. vi-75. First-hand account by an American merchant living in Saint-Domingue during onset of Haitian Revolution. Introduction analyzes strong and weak points of narrative. Index of Proper Names.
  7. OFFICIAL SPELLING SYSTEM FOR THE HAITIAN LANGUAGE. April 1995. Pp. 27. Text of official Haitian government edict of 28 September 1979, in Haitian. Editor's remarks in English on subsequent contemporary usage and brief pronunciation guide. Eleven pages chosen to illustrate good usage of official system, plus brief examples of the three major preceeding orthographies. Introduction traces development of the four major systems.
  8. ORGANIZATION CHARTS OF THE HAITIAN JUDICIARY AND MILITARY. May 1995. Pp. 10. Two charts of Haitian judicial system -- one in French and English, other in French only. Three charts in French of Armed Forces of Haiti (1993) and one of Port-au-Prince police; officer and enlisted ranks with insignia (in French and English). Introduction in English.
  9. Tet Kole Ti Peyizan Ayisyen, DOSYE CHEF SEKSYON: CHEF SEKSYON -- YON SISTEM KI MERITE ELIMINE. June 1995. Pp. vi-52. Detailed, scathing account of the institution of section chiefs as of March 1991, compiled by a leading Haitian peasant group. Much exact information. Introduction in English, text in Haitian (official orthography.)