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Haiti: An economic miscellany

6 March 1995

[Bob Corbett's note] It is difficult to get reports of current economic developments in Haiti, and therefore it appears to me worthwhile to gather in one place bits and pieces of information as I happen upon them. I ask anyone reading this to let me know of more substantial analysis and reports on current economic developments in Haiti that seem worth archiving.

US Mining Operations in Mont Organize

I just heard that in Mont Organize, an area in Haiti close to the Dominican Republic border, a deposit of Ore (akin to OHG, a mineral containing a valuable constituent (as metal)...) has been discovered and is being mined by a US contingency groups. The area is said to be sealed off by US military and nobody, not even Haitians in their own land, can verify what's going on. Does anyone of you have any idea of the matter?

Moreover, it is believed that some radioactive and chemical waste is being dumped in some areas of Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti. After the Yankees stole by force and power the island of Navase what will the come with to justify their stay in Haiti (the recent events of which they have planned and financed), their take on Labadie, a small Haitian island by Cap-Haitien and possibly and most recently Mont-Organize. What is next for the Haitian people? Wasn't it on the news that The USA has no interest whatsoever in Haiti?