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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 21:00:24 -700
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Voodoo as a Magic System

By Brian Angliss (angliss@PHYSCI.PSU.EDU)
21 June 1995

This is my Voodoo conversion from Chill into ShadowRun. It now also contains some of the ideas from the Voodoo system published in White Wolf magazine, like the loa.

Voodoo is a magical type that is both more powerful than Shamanic/Hemetic magic and more powerful than both. Voodoo practitioners are either Houngans/Mambos or Bokor. A houngan is a voodoo priest, generally using their powers for good (a mambo is a female houngan). Bokor are more dark and evil than their counterparts. The worst of the bokor are the veau bokor, the leaders of the black sects devoted to the spread of evil. Opposing them are the nou houngans/mambos of the red sects. I will refer to the practicioners as houngans from now on.

Houngans are capable of using all spells, but are very limited in respect to conjuring. The only spirits that the houngan can summon are Loa and zombies. They are still capable of banishing elementals and spirits. The houngan can also summon up several Paranormal Animals. While these creatures must come to the houngan's call, they have the option to turn down the houngan's orders and return to wherever they came from. Voodoo also has several specialized foci that are unusable by any other magical type and it has several powerful abilities.

There is no such thing as a Voodoo Adept. You're either fully a houngan or fully mundane (for voodoo). There is no in-between.

Voodoo ablilities are based off a special skill called Voodoo. They are granted one at a time each time the houngan spends the karma. But just like a spell, they must be taught by another houngan willing to do so. They can be learned in any order the player wishes. But all of these special abilities require the use of Loa, or the specialized spirits that only a houngan can summon. Each ability requires the sacrafice of at least 2 Loa at a minimum force of 1 each. But there is an advantage of using higher force Loa: average the forces of the Loa, round down, and subtract 1. This number is the additional number of dice that the houngan adds to his/her Voodoo skill to perform the desire ability.

Communication Abilities:

Summon Snakes:
This ability calls all natural (including paranormal) snakes in a Magic Rating x 100m area. Once they get to the area immediately around the houngan, they revert back to their natural behavior, possibly attacking the houngan. This must be maintained and requires Loa of Damballah and Ezili. Drain: 6M stun.
Command Snakes:
This one allows the houngan to command natural snakes to do his bidding. Range is Magic Rating x 10m. The snakes will not do something that they know will cause their death and will avoid flame. This one must be maintained and the snakes can be given one order every 3 seconds. It requires Loa of Damballah and Legba. Drain: 6M stun

Distortive Abilities:

Coup N'ame:
This ability causes a wasting sickness to afflict the target. The target must be in Line of Sight to begin this ability but, once it is started, it continues until the target either dies, gets the ability stopped by another houngan, or it lasts the full 8 days. The effective wounds per day are as below and are cumulative. Magic cannot stop the cumulative progression of wounds. After the eight days, the body drops will return to normal over three weeks. The damage per day is:

Day 1:6M
Day 2:10M, -1 body
Day 3:4S
Day 4:9S
Day 5: 12S, -1 body
Day 6: 5D
Day 7: 8D
Day 8: 11D, -1 body

The drain is resisted when the ability is initiated and it need Loa of Samedi, Agwe, and Ogu. Drain: (Target's Body)D stun

Sympathetic Magic:

This abilitiy is a really nasty one that allows the houngan to attack the target from any distance doing massive damage. It requires a material link of some kind for no extra target numbers. If the houngan uses a symbolic link, the target numbers are at +4. This ability requires a symbolic voodoo doll that may look like the target (-2 TN) or not. The houngan must perform a ritual (sacrafice a chicken/goat, etc.) to bond the doll to the target. The doll must have the material link inside it or it will not function properly. Once the ritual has begun, the bond is unaffected by distance. Also, once the bond has been created, only a reverse ritual, destruction of the doll, or the houngan's forgetting to attack the target every day will break the bond. Yes, this means that the houngan must attack the target every day. Damage is as below:

1-3(Magic Rating)M stun
4-6 (Magic Rating)S stun
7-9 (Magic Rating)D stun,
  (Magic rating)M wound
10-12 (Magic Rating)S wound
13-15 (Magic Rating)D wound
16+ (Magic Ratingx1.5)D wound

This ability requires Loa of Samedi, Agwe, and Aqua. The drain for the original ritural is 10D stun and every day of attack is 8L physical.


This ability causes bad luck. It is resisted by willpower. Every success the houngan gets increases the target's TNs by one for ALL tests and every success makes this operate for 1 week. It will operate independently of the houngan, but the houngan must see the target to initiate the ability. It needs Loa of Agwe and Maitre Carrefour. Drain: (Target's Willpower+1/2 Intelligence) S stun

Mental Abilites:

Spirit Capture:
this one also operates independently of the houngan once it is begun. What this ability does is strip the target of all Willpower, giving them a Willpower rating of 1. It requires a Canari jug (see below) and operates until the target or the houngan dies, or until the Canari is destroyed. It requires a Loa of Maitre Carrefour and Agwe. Drain: (Target's Willpower+1) S stun

Sensory Abilities:

Prise du Mort:
this lets the houngan extract information from a recently dead corpse, so long as it still has its head attached and is in good shape. Also, no more than 12 hours can have passed between death and the use of this ability. Range is 5m and each success gets higher quality information from the corpse. It needs Loa of Maitre Carrefour and Samedi. Drain: 10M stun

Protective Abilities:

this ability raises the luck of the target for a certain amount of time. The houngan draws veves on his skin or the skin of another person with a flour water mixture (for another person) or rooster blood (him/herself). Only one person at a time can be protected in this manner and if an unexpired Gad remains on the target, both Gads fail and the target is at +2 TN to all tests for 1d6 days. The Gad adds 1 die on ALL tests for every two successes and operates for 1 day per success. It needs Loa of Legba and Maitre Carrefour Drain: 4S stun
Spirit Protection:
this ability does two things for the target. When actively used, it breaks a Coup N'ame or a Wanga. It also provides a number of dice equal to successes to help resist or break any spirit Possession or form of mind or body control. If used on the houngan, this also grants an additional number of dice equal to its successes to help attack and defend against spirits and elementals. Its protection effects last for 6 hours per success and its active effects act when the ability is used. It requires a Canari jug and Loa of Ogu and Legba to work properly. Drain: 6S stun

Restorative Abilities:

this ability literally kicks out a Possessing or Controlling being (spirit, elemental, Loa, or Magician of any kind). The target number is the Essence of the controller. The possessor gets a resistance test at +2 TN. A single success is all that is needed, but the ability must be maintained over 20 turns to work properly. If it is cut off, Drain is resisted normally, the Loa are used up, and the possessor retains control. It needs Loa of Ogu, Legba, and Ezili. Drain: (Essence of Creature) S >/dd>

Incorporeal Abilities:

Coup Poudre:
this ability allows the houngan to tailor any of the voodoo potions (at the end) to attack only a specific person, having no effect on any other. However, the houngan must know the true name, not a street name, of the target and the houngan must create the voodoo potion him/herself. There is no drain, but this requires a small, mild ritual. It also needs the full use of four Loa to properly tailor the potion to the target: Loa of Maitre Carrefour, Legba, Samedi, and Ogu.
Coup l'Aire:
this ability fills the target area with thick smoke, causing a +4 TN to all visibility (including thermo, low light, and ultrasound). The cloud fills an area of Voodoo Skill x 10m and it stays, unaffected by any but gale force winds. The cloud must be maintained and is poisonous as a 6D inhaled and instantaneous poison. This needs the Loa of Damballah and Agua. Drain: 6S

Houngans are only capable of summoning Loa and Zombies, but are capable of banishing any spirit. The Maximum number of Zombies and Loa that can be controlled and maintained by any houngan is equal to his/her charisma. But up to 4 extra Loa can be maintained for a day if the intention of the houngan is to use them in either a Zombie summoning or a Voodoo Ability.

There are three types of zombies. The Cadaver Zombie is your run-of- the-mill reanimated corpse. An Astral Zombie is a spirit zombie, and a Greater Zombie is a powerful combination of both that only an Initiate can summon. To create a Zombie, the houngan needs an intact, freshly dead corpse and a night to summon it. Freshly Dead means within the houngan's Conjuring skill in days. He/she also needs Loa of Samedi and Maitre Carrefour of equal force to the zombie being summoned. Just as with the Abilities, these Loa are gone after the zombie is successfully summoned. After performing the appropriate ritual, the houngan touches the grave and a zombie appears.

Astral zombies appear immediately, cadavre zombies dig their way out within 3d6 minutes, and Greater zombies appear within 1d6 minutes. If the houngan that created the zombie dies or takes a Deadly wound, the zombies will go free much like an Ally. If it does go free, then it will remain in the world to wreak havok and evil upon it.

Loa are special spirits that are not either elemental or spirit, but have some characteristics of both. They require a certain amount of materials much like elementals (500 x Force of Loa) and the summoning takes ( Force x 10 min.) to complete. Each success counts as a service. But the Loa don't remain until the houngan uses all their services. Every 24 hours after summoning counts as a service, after which the Loa returns to wherever it came from. Loa have much stronger personalities than spirits and elementals which are largely determined by the personalities of the gods the Loa were originally thought to be. Even two Loa of the same type can be different, depending on who summond them and for what purpose they were summoned. In addition to the powers of the Loa listed below, they have the ability to possess the houngan who summoned them, upon his/her request. The houngan attempts a Conjuring (Loa's Force) test. A single success is all that is necessary. While possessed, the houngan is aware of what is going on, but is unable to do anything without going through the Loa to do it. The possession goes on for a maximum of 24 hours, or until the houngan commands the Loa to leave his body. While possessed, the Loa has access to all of the houngan's knowledge and skills, and the houngan's physical attributes are increased by the Loa's Force, and the Loa also has access to all its powers. It may be banished from the body, and if it's host is knocked unconscious or killed, the Loa must make a Force (10-Force) test to resist disruption. When/if the Loa leaves the houngan's body, the houngan must resist a a (Force) D drain.

But the Loa can refuse to vacate the body after commanded to do so. If this occurs, the Loa must make a Force (Houngan's Conjuring Skill) test against the houngan's Conjuring (Loa's Force) test. Ties are re-rolled and the winner retains control of the body. If the houngan fails, he/she may try once every 24 hours to regain control. If, after a number of days equal to the houngan's Magic Rating, the houngan still hasn't regained control, the houngan's spirit dies and the Loa retains permanent control of the body, becoming a Free Spirit.

Loa and Zombie list:

Loa of Agua:

this Loa is violence incarnate. It is unpredictable and rarely adheres to a single course of action. When acting, it is quick and relentless. It manifests as a muscular black man wearing loose white clothing with lightning in his blue eyes.

B: F+1 Q: F+2(x4) S: F+1
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+2

Powers: Confusion, Electrical Projection, Fear, Movement, Search, Storm
Loa of Agwe:

this Loa is strong and fluid as the ocean and all that lives in and on it. It can wear down obsticles through slow and stead force or quick, crashing force and it is rarely turned from its destination. It manifests as a large black man clothed only in the seeweed that wraps around his body, and he smells of salt and the ocean.

B: F+2 Q: F(x2) S: F
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+1
Powers: Accident, Alienation, Concealment, Confusion, Engulf, Fear, Guard, Movement, Search, Storm
Loa of Damballah:

This Loa represents the cobra, master of Heaven's waters as well as all the springs, rivers, and lakes that those waters are supposed to feed. It is also known for being swift, steady, and almost impossible to turn from its course. It always manifests as a giant King Cobra.

B: F+1 Q: F+4(x2) S: F-1
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+4
Powers: Concealment, Engulf, Fear, Guard, Movement, Search, Storm
Loa of Ezili:

this Loa represents both Love AND Lust, personifying gentle affection, devotion, and friendship as well as mindless desire, raw sensuality, and an insatiable sexual appetite. It always manifests as a beautiful black woman, a dream lover to all who see her.

B: F-2 Q: F(x2) S: F-2
C: F+4 I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F-1
Powers: Concealment, Confusion, Fear, Guard, Search
Loa of Legba:

this Loa is the only Loa that seems to feel any kinship with humans and metahumans. It is the most trusted of the Loa and is very mature. It always manifests as and old, bent, and withered black man.

B: F+2 Q: F+1(x2) S: F+1
C: F+1 I: F+1 W: F+1
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+1
Powers: Accident, Alienation, Concealment, Confusion, Fear, Guard, Search
Loa of Maitre Carrefour:

this Loa personifies the power of magic. It can be very helpful, but is also egotistical, sarcastic, and sinister. It manifests as a thin, arrogant black man in robes of scintillating colors.

B: F-1 Q: F(x2) S: F-1
C: F I: F+2 W: F+2
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F
Powers: Accident, Alienation, Concealment, Confusison, Fear, Guard, Search
Loa of Ogu:

this Loa has two very distinct natures, one of the warror spirit of fire, power, and wisdom, and the other of healing and compassion. It manifests as an African Warrior, complete with spear and shield.

B: F+4 Q: F+2(x2) S: F+4
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+2
Powers: Alienation, Concealment, Confusion, Fear, Flame projection, Guard, Search
Loa of Samedi:

this Loa is also dual natured, representing both the cold hand of death and rabid eroticism. It is also a joker with a macabre sense of humor. It always manifests as a laughing black man wearing a top hat and long coat and carrying a cane.

B: F+1 Q: F(x2) S: F
C: F+4 I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F+1
Powers: Accident, Alienation, Concealment, Confusion, Fear, Guard, Search
Zombie Cadavre:

this is your run of the mill material zombie that can destroyed rather easily. A means the original Attributes of the dead person being used for the zombie.

Weaknesses: Vulnerability (Fire)

Astral Zombie:

there are only two ways to fully kill this type of zombie. You can kill it in astral combat or banish it, or you can treat the corpse it came from in the following way. Dig up its coffin, shave the corpse totally, and trim its nails. Then re-bury the body in a new coffin with its hair, clippings, a comb, a handkerchief, a rosary, and 6 pins or needles. When the grave is finally closed, the Astral Zombie dies and is unraisable ever more. However, the zombie and its summoner know immediatly if the grave is disturbed and they often try to defend the body.

B: F Q: F(x6) S: F
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(A) Reaction: F(+10/20 astral) Attacks: (F)M phys.
Powers: Cold Aura, Fear, Immunity to Normal Weapons, Manifest
Greater Zombie:

this is a very powerful spirit that looks like a zombie cadavre until your attacks begin to bounce off it. The only way to kill it is to incapacitate it with blows and such, dress it in a black suit of which the pockets have been turned inside-out and slashed, bury it in a coffin with 24 seeds. When the lid is closed, the zombie crumbles to dust.


This type of zombie is only available to Voodoo Initiates and is always physical, but with a dual nature. If killed, it remains incapicated for 24 hours after which it regains consciousness with no wounds whatsoever.

B: F+A+4 Q: F+A+3(x3) S: Fx2
C: F I: F W: F
Ess: F(dual) Reaction: F+10, 2d init. Attacks: (Str)M phys.
Powers: Immunity to Normal Weapons, Noxious Breath, Animal Control ( flys/worms), Wanga(voodoo), Coup N'ame(voodoo), Enhanced Strength (2x per day)

Special Creatures summonable by Houngans:

Houngans are capable of summoning to themselves several powerful paranormal creatures/animals. But these creatures are free willed beings.

They must come when the Houngan calls, but they have the option of turning down the job that the houngan has for them. The houngan uses his/her Conjuring skill to summon them, and then they must convince them to do his/ her bidding through rollplaying. Once the creature has agreed to perform the houngan's task, they must complete it or die trying. The reason for this is that summoning these paranormals requires powerful Loa of Legba and Agua.

These Loa kill the creature if it attempts to break the agreement with the houngan. For this reason, the minimum Force of the Loa of Legba is the creature's Intelligence and the minimum Force for the Loa of Agua is the creature's Body. These Loa can only be used this once, as this qualifies as elemental remote service. Once the agreed upon deed is complete, the creature is free to do whatever it wishes and the Loa that we [. . .]


this creature is, in its natural form, a small black panther. However, it is dual natured and very dangerous, but relatively easy to control.

B: 5* Q: 6*(x4) S: 4*
C: 3 I: 4 W: 5
Ess: 6 Reaction: 7*, 2d* init. Attacks: 5M*
(*): this is the natural form of the Baka, but if encountered in a different form, use its ratings for these attributes.
Powers: Darkness, Silence, Adaptive Coloration, Noxious Breath, Shapechange(any other 4 legged animal)

this is an astral creature that manifests on the physical plane as an 8 meter long serpent with faintly glowing red eyes. Its reduced regeneration means that, unless it fails the regeneration test, it goes astral when killed or knocked unconscious, and then resumes its hunt/ attack after 8 hours, fully healed.

B: 8 Q: 6(x3) S: 8
C: 4 I: 6 W: 7
Ess: 8 Reaction: 7(+10/20 astral), 2d init.
Attacks: 8M bite + venom, 10S constriction
Powers: Manifest, Venom, Influence(sleep), Darkness, Silence, Enhanced Senses (smell), Reduced Regeneration (8hours/see above), Immunity to Normal Weapons

this is a very large bat (3 meter wingspan) that has no hair and often has sores and boils all over its skin.

B: 4 Q: 7(x5) S: 4
C: 3 I: 3/5 W: 3
Ess: 5 Reaction: 7, 2d init. Attacks: 4M
Powers: Animal Control(bats), Electrical Projection, Weather Control, Influence (sleep), Darkness, Adaptive Coloration, Enhanced Senses (hearing/ sight), Sonic Projection, Infection
Weaknesses: Allergy (sunlight; severe)

Corpselight, Ghoul, Nomad, and Gedhi fly are four creatures that I will not write down all the stats for. The first three are in Paranormals of North America and the last is in Paranormals of Europe.


this being is another primarily astral being, but it's manifest form is very unappealing. It manifests as a 1m tall, bloated toad with fangs, bulging whit eyes, and a tri-forked tongue. It can move much faster than it looks like it should. It usually assumes an innocuous form common to the area. These are very hard for the houngan to control and are at +2 TN for all attempts.

B: 6 Q: 6(x3) S: 7
C: 4 I: 7 W: 7
Ess: 8 Reaction: 7(+10/20), 2d init Attacks: 7S
Powers: Animal Control (centipedes/Corpselights), Manifest, Summon Snakes (voodoo), Command Snakes (voodoo), 3-D Movement, Phychoinesis, Darkness, Enhanced Senses (sight/smell), Shapechange
Weaknesses: Reduced Senses(hearing)

Voodoo Power Items:

These items are powerful items and foci that only houngans can properly use. They are still usable as ritual links, and another houngan could potentially use one as a link for Symbolic Magic.

this is a small clay jug in which veves have been inscribed. It is required for several Abilities. However, it can spontaneously Spirit Capture any person handling it, including the houngan. The toucher must resist a 6M stun wound to no damage, or get 4 successes, or have his/her willpower stripped until the Canari is destroyed. Karma bond Cost: 1 Price: 50000
Fwet Kesh:
this is a special, short whip that can disrupt and stop any sustained Ability. Silence keeps this from working, and the sustainer of the Ability must be within hearing range. If used as a weapon, it does (Strx2)L and has a +1 reach. Karma Cost: 1 Price: 15000
this is a 1 meter long wooden staff that's been painted 1/2 black and 1/2 white. It also has regular notches along its length. This is essentially a powerfocus for use only on Voodoo Abilities. It only helps with using the abilities, nothing else. Unfortunately, this focus can inadvertantly summon a voodoo creature (not Loa) every time its used, and that creature will attack the user automatically. Karma Cost: 3x Rating Price: 60000x Rating
this is a machete sized sword and a voodoo weapon focus. In the hands of a houngan, it does (Str+4)S damage and grants its owner/user an additional +Rating in Impact armor and +1/2Rating in Ballistic Armor. A regular mage or shaman can use this focus, but he/she only gets the (Str+2)M wound and none of the Armor. This armor only works when the houngan is actively holding or touching the Ku-Bha-Sah and is not granted in Astral Space. Karma Cost: 4x Rating Price: 100000x Rating
Mait' Asson:
this is a calabash rattle that helps the houngan perform Voodoo Abilities. However, this only operates while it is being actively held, and the dice it provides only refresh every day, not every action like normal. Karma Cost: Rating Price: 50000x Rating
Mait' Clochette:
this is an iron bell that grants 1/2 its Rating in Body dice while actively held(improving Body like an Improve Body spell). Also, when rung, it forces all shapeshifters within hearing range to change form and it breaks all sustained shapechange/animal form spells. Treat this as a resisted test between the rating of the bell and the force/essence of the shapeshifter/spell. Karma Cost: Rating Price: 25000x Rating
these are amulets/talismans made from the bones of a ritually sacrificed chicken. They are worn around the neck on a silk cord. There are three types of Ouanga, but all three must follow the same rules. Only one can be worn at a time, and if any two of the same kind are worn, both go inert permanently. These all leave a mark on the aura while worn that makes the wearer look like he/she is being possessed.
Ouanga Ti Bon Ange:
gives the wearer its rating in extra dice to resist Spirit Capture while worn. Karma Cost: Rating Price: 10000x Rating
Ouanga N'ame:
gives the wearer its rating in dice to resist Coup N'ame while worn. Karma Cost: Rating Price: 10000x Rating
Ouanga Cadavre:
gives the wearer its rating in extra dice to resist toxins and pathogens while worn. Karma Cost: Rating Price: 15000x Rating
Paquet Congo:
This is a small felt bag containing herbs, leaves, flowers, etc. It must be kept in skin contact, but grants its rating in dice vs. toxins as well as 1/3 Rating in extra Combat Pool dice. If you wear it with a Ouanga Cadavre, both become inert, and wearing it with any other Ouanga causes both to stop working until one of them is removed. Karma Cost: 1.5x Rating (round up) Price: 30000x Rating
Pierrre Tonnerre:
this is really a catalyst foci, reducing the Karma needed to Initiate the houngan by .5 (the multiplier). It only works in voodoo rituals. If it is ground up and put in a voodoo potion, it increases its effectiveness by 1.5x Power, +1 Damage code. Finally, it can serve as a knife/axe weapon focus doing (Str)L for the knife and (Str)S for the axe. To be used as a weapon focus or in reducing Karma for Initiation, it must be bonded, but otherwise bonding is not necessary. It looks like a chunk of rocky meteorite, generally. Karma Cost: 5x Rating Price: 75000x Rating
Sekey Madoule:
this is a small, ornate, black wooden coffin. In a 30 minute ritual, the houngan can, if he remains conscious after a 10D drain, get up to 2d6 extra dice for 1d6 days for use with Voodoo Abilities. Also, roll 1d6 and add this to the houngan's natural charisma for 1d6 days. This charisma modification allows the houngan to summon more Loa or Zombies. These rituals may accidently summon a really annoyed Voodoo Creature, like the joukoujou. Karma Cost: none Price: 150000 base(what the market will bear)

Voodoo Potions:

These are liquids, powders, and compounds that a houngan can formulate from his/her extensive chemical knowledge. Roll the houngan's Voodoo skill to properly make the potion. If the potion is a poison, a failure could mean the houngan's premature death.

the strength of these poisons range from a mild 4L with no additional side effects to a full 14D with psychotropic hallucinations and a PCP addiction even if the target survives. They take 1 hour per power level times 1 for a L wound, 2 for a M wound, etc. base time.
Zombie Powder:

this powder is a mixture of zombie cucumber, seatoad secretions, powdered human bone, and many other goodies. What it does if unresisted is induce a deathlike coma in the afflicted person along with massive mental trauma, effectively reducing the person to a Willpower and Intelligence of 1. This is permanent and the character is lost to the game.


There are 4 types of powder and ways of getting it. There are supposedly antidotes, but they must be tailored to the type of powder and must be used immediately after contact with the powder. However, they take much more time to create and only the really powerful houngans know the secrets.

Base Level of attack:
Contact: 12M
Ingested: 8S
Inhaled: 12S
Injected: 12D

Levels of damage:
A: 1d6 minutes till coma and presumed death. Person becomes a physical zombie. Bye.
B: Coma in 2d6 minutes, will zombify in 2d6 days unless antidoted. Even if the person survives, they will be less mentally stable.
C: Passes out for 1d6 days, less stable.
D: 12D stun wound, less stable
E: 12S stun wound

Method of contracting:

 Successes:Damage Level
This powder takes a base 2 days for contact version, 3 days for ingested version, 5 days for inhaled version, and 5 days for injected version. If the houngan doesn't have an antidote on hand, he/she may accidently zombify themselves. Oops.
Voodoo Lamps:
these are just potions that require that they be burned.
Disaster Lamp:
this potion costs around 20000 for one 30 minute burn. Its smoke [. . .]