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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 19:49:43 GMT
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From: "James R. Lynch" <jlynch@cyber1.servtech.com>
Subject: CPT: U.S. Congress meddles in Haitian affairs
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Date: Fri, 6 Oct 1995 17:50:12 -0500
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Subject: Haiti: U.S. Congress Meddles in Haitian Affairs

Jim Lynch, written at Rochester, New York
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U.S. Congress Meddles in Haitian Affairs

Christian Peacemaker Teams, CPTNet, 6 October 1995

The U.S. Congress is currently deliberating cutting off U.S. aid to Haiti if the Haitian government fails to meet certain conditions. A subcommittee is reconciling House and Senate versions of a bill that makes aid conditional on

1) Presidential elections by March 1996 (House version). Haitian voices have called for President Aristide's term to be extended past that time to compensate his three-year exile during the 1991-1994 military rule.

2) Investigations of the murders of 20 right-wing activists assassinated since President Aristide's return (Senate version).

Many Haitians and International people see hypocrisy in Congress' apparent concern for human rights. According to Haitian Justice Minister Jean-Joseph Exume, the U.S. played a major role in the September 4 release of Marcel Morissaint, a suspect in the 1993 assassination of Exume's predesessor Guy Malary, the Haitian Justice Minister appointed by Aristide in his first year of rule prior to the military take over. Morissaint admitted to international investigators commissioned by President Aristide that he received secret payments from the U.S. at the time of Malary's assassination.

His on going testimony was expected to lead to the authors of the most egregious assassinations during the coup.

CPT workers in Haiti report anxiety among Haitins in the face of economic insecurity, a condition that is exacerbated by the uncertainty of international economic assistance. Long term planning is put off. Armed former supporters of the Haitian military seize property and cattle in order to gain a tiny bit of temporary security. Haiti needs help now. Without it the rights of people including the ministries of churches will suffer.