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Aristide calls for peace and unity

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Boulevard 15 Octobre 2000, Tabarre, Haiti

English Translation of Message Delivered by Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide for Haiti's Flag Day, May 18, 2000. This message was broadcast on radio and television:

The Flag of Peace for a Country at Peace

For a country at peace,
For peace in our minds
Peace in our stomachs,
For 2001 to be the best that it can,
Vote peacefully under the flag of peace.

You who fear defeat
And who choose violence
We are all brothers and sisters.
Haiti is for all Haitians.
We must all work for peace
So that we can all live in peace.

With respect for all,
Let understanding be the healing balm
For free and fair elections
Organized with order and discipline.

The people are ready, their eyes wide open.
Fanmi Lavalas too, with a smile
And with arms wide open for all patriots
Spreading peace here in Haiti
And in our 10th Department.

A Lavalassien is a patriot.
A good Lavalassien is a good patriot.
From Lavalas emerges unity,
A source of strength.

To you dear candidates in the opposition,
We send our wishes for peace
On this anniversary of our cherished flag.

Arm in arm on the road to this peace,
2001 will be good for you, for us,
For all of us who raise
This flag of peace
For a Haiti at peace.

Boulevard 15 Octobre, Tabarre, Haiti