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Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 22:40:36 -0500
Message-Id: <199612230340.WAA21886@mail.trincoll.edu>
To: haiti-l@conicit.ve
From: Leslie.Desmangles@mail.trincoll.edu (Leslie Desmangles)
Subject: Journal of Haitian Studies and The Haitian Studies Association

Journal of Haitian Studies and The Haitian Studies Association (ann.)

An announcment sent to Bob Corbett's Haiti list, 22 December 1996

Dear Friends:

The spring issues and fall issues (Volume I, number 1, 1995; Volume 2 number 1, 1996; and Volume 2 number 2, 1996) of the "Journal of Haitian Studies" are currently available for purchase. They may be gotten at the main office of the Haitian Studies Association in Boston. The cost is 15 dollars for each issue for non-members. The membership to the Haitian Studies Association is $35 per year. That includes two issues of the journal which is published twice a year.

On behalf of the association, I would also like to encourage those of you who are at various institutions to encourage the libraries of your respective institutions to receive the journal regularly. It contains scholarly work about Haiti of the highest quality wsritten by scholars all over the world on a wide variety of topics (from the rara bands to music, from politics and economics to history and art).

Those of you who are interested in the journal and in the association may contact Alix Cantave, the Executive Secretary of the association at:

hsa@umbsky.cc.umb.edu You may also contact me at:


Thank you.