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A Compromise Solution

By Joseph Alfred, Haiti list, 26 January 2003

Most us who have been living outside of Haiti for over 20 years have lost touch with the Haitian reality. Some of you have your children currently in the Persian Gulf and you have more things to worry about.

Indeed we were focus for the first two years on the Haitian crisis but we have a life to live and it is not healthy to waste time and energy with grown folks who have nothing to do with their time.

I strongly believe the Haitian crisis should have been settled long time ago and now we should have been focusing on celebrating the bicentennial of Haiti. What went wrong?

I’m working currently on a small project on Cacos movement during the US occupation, I did not have a chance to learn about the role these great Haitians Hero had played during the Occupation back home. The Cacos were predominantly from the north but the peasant of Marche à Terre who were not involved in the Caco movement had paid a serious price just for dressing in their usual attire. The American Marines were confused, opened fire and many peaceful peasants were killed.

Today, we see the same type of phenomenon taking place in Haiti: Confusion.

The strike yesterday was a success and some people are going to misread what had taken place yesterday and may want to use it for their own advantage. The success of the strike is not equated to a overwhelming support to the Convergence camp but it was a wake up call to the current regime to reverse its course; otherwise the situation can be worsen. Every single element was present to have a successful strike nationwide. The Assassination of the three brothers at Carrefour, the killing of a third year medical student, the sudden rise of the gas, the teachers and the students as well as various sectors of the labor movement. Now what is the next step?

Go back to the reality

Resolution 822 had called for an early election, which is almost impossible since a key member is not interested in any election. As a democrat, I believe election is the only way to change a government but in the case of Haiti, I strongly believe more need to be done before calling any election.

The nation is bleeding and it has been on life support status for quite some time, we have a moral obligation to bring the country to stability first.

In order to bring the country to stability, each sector shall do some sacrifices. Lavalas, the Convergence, the Opposition and the vital sectors of the Haitian society need to return to the negotiation table and find a compromise that the people of Haiti can live with not the international community. I repeat a compromise solution for those who are going to live it. Some of you are playing a dangerous game that can lead the country to a bloody civil war, if this take place in the land of Toussaint Louverture, all of you will be arrested without exception anywhere in the world. Remember these words: all of you without exception.

Remember you are from Haiti, many former military official thought they could have escaped Haitian justice by just leaving the country after committed mass murder, they return one by one and INS is about to send another one to face justice pretty soon. He had won the lotto, he got millions to pay lawyers but when you spilled the blood of innocent, you have nowhere to hide. Most of knew when Dr Roger Lafontant went back to Haiti, he went back to pay for his crimes.

Welcome to the Haitian reality. Since November, no one has really met on the Haitian issue. The economic assistance has been withheld and you are all responsible for it. Since we know that election is not possible at this particular moment and Resolution 822 is taboo, it is necessary to look for an alternative.

The Lavalas must share power with the civil society, the vital sector of the country and of course with the Convergence. Put in place a coalition government: The prime minister must come from a different party and each sector shall have at least one member in the new government. Commander Raoul Guillaume or Ramis St Vil a Ouanaminthe native shall be in Charge of the Police National, these two folks have the ability to clean up the mess and remove politic from that corp.

This new coalition government shall have the mandate to put structure in place, bring stability to the country, reduce the insecurity phenomenon, create jobs and later on organize a free and fair election after the bicentennial ceremony.

We must put an end to this eternal negotiation and this cannot be done with name calling or accusing each other. I invite all of you to return to the negotiation table and find a compromise solution that shall include a share of power.

Joseph Alfred
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081