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Haiti Honors Those Who Fell Struggling for Democracy

Haiti Update, 13 September 1995

A week of activities in commemoration of Father Jean Marie Vincent, assassinated one year ago, took place in Haiti and in the 10th department. Peaceful demonstrations, masses, and conferences honored the life and work of Father Vincent and resulted in demands for a complete judicial investigation and prosecution of the authors and accomplices to the homicide. Jean-Marie Vincent was murdered on August 28, 1994 by armed individuals of the de facto government of General Raul Cedras, in front of the residence of the Fathers Montfortins in Port-au- Prince.

On August 28th of this year, during the graduation ceremony of the third class of the National Police, named the Jean-Marie Vincent class to honor the fallen hero, the Chief of State requested the new police officers work to investigate the case and help bring the murderers of Father Vincent to justice. He also urged them to make every effort to improve security and justice each day in Haiti.

In addition, on September 11, 1995 at midnight, President Aristide inaugurated a memorial, unveiling busts of Antoine Izmery and his brother Georges (murdered a year earlier) in front of the Sacred Heart Church, and a statue of a woman in distress, near Saint-Jean Bosco Church, in memory of the victims of the repression. Noting that the tribute was taking place at night because justice in Haiti has not yet seen the light of day, President Aristide said that, Together the Haitian people will cross from the darkness of injustice into the bright rays of justice. Later a mass was held at Sacred Heart Church to honor all the victims of the coup regime, and an all day march left from Saint-Jean Bosco Church, calling for justice and protesting privatization. The march concluded with another mass honoring the fallen and acknowledging the people’s demand for justice.