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Students March in Protest in Haiti

By Michael Norton, AP, 19 September 2002, j:22 PM EDT

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—University students and their supporters marched through the streets of the capital Thursday, protesting the removal of the state university’s director.

Some 200 demonstrators called for the immediate reinstatement of the administrative board, including Professor Pierre Marie Paquiot’s restoration as head of Haiti State University.

The government removed Paquiot from his post in July, saying Paquiot’s mandate was up, and appointed a three-member interim board until new university elections were held.

The students have accused the government of interfering in university business, and demanded Paquiot run the school until the elections.

The only remaining independent institution is the university and now they want to take it over, said Pierrot Exama, a member of the Haitian Federation of Students.

As the protesters inched their way toward the National Palace, about 20 pro-Aristide supporters along the route shouted Aristide or death. Several spray-painted the words Aristide for 50 years on the street.

Elections for a new university director are expected in the coming months. A first election, in which Paquiot did not run, ended with no candidate winning a necessary majority. Paquiot has said he would run in the next election, which will be decided by students and faculty votes.