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Dismay from popular organizations

This Week in Haiti, Haïti Progrès, Vol.20, no.27, 18–24 September 2002

Many urban popular organizations, which have traditionally supported Jean Bertrand Aristide's government, have passed from quiet grumbling to loudly voicing their disapproval of the ruling Lavalas Family (FL) party's course.

In the southeastern city of Jacmel, for example, the Coalition of Principled Organized Haitians (KAKO) broke its long silence with a press conference on Sep. 11, the anniversary of a 1988 massacre at Aristide's former church, St. Jean Bosco, and the 1993 assassination of pro-democracy activist Antoine Izmiry.

KAKO's Daly Auguste said that the organization would no longer sit down with any of the FL parliamentarians from the region, whom he accused of using the population to get power and then betraying the demands of the popular masses. He called on them to all resign so that a new wind of hope could blow.

In the southern city of Cayes, Lucien Orgella heads another popular organization calling on Aristide to return to the people's plan.

Down with the senators, we want to take back Aristide, he said. Down with the deputies, we want to reclaim Aristide from the international community.

Meanwhile, in St. Marc, the formerly pro-FL popular organization Balewouze (Clean Sweep), which has repeatedly clashed with partisans of the Democratic Convergence opposition front, also criticized FL parliamentarians and adopted the slogan Aristide must return to his base.

Generally, disillusioned popular organizations blame, not Aristide, but his entourage and appointees for the government's betrayal of their demands. For a president who has overseen the sale of Haitian territory to build free trade zones and the repression of peasants, who has defended the interests of Washington and the bourgeoisie, do they really think Aristide is going to return to his base? a Haoti Progrhs columnist asked. That would be a miracle!