Haiti under the Duvaliers (1956–February 1986)

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Review of Elizabeth Abbot, Haiti: The Duvaliers and their Legacy
By Bob Corbett, 1989.
The Duvalier regime in comparison with post-Duvalierist Haiti
A dialog from Bob Corbett's Haiti list, December 1995. Does the Duvalier father-son regime really represent the good old days?
The Library of Congress, Country Studies, December 1989
The Library of Congress, Country Studies, December 1989. Like many Haitian leaders, Duvalier produced a constitution to solidify his power. In 1961 he proceeded to violate the provisions of that constitution. His public recognition of voodoo and its practitioners and his private adherence to voodoo ritual, combined with his reputed practice of magic and sorcery, enhanced his popular persona among the common people.
Antoine Adrian obituary
Associated Press, 14 May 2003. Antoine Adrien was the superior of the Holy Ghost Fathers congregation in 1969, when Duvalier forced him and his congregation into exile, accusing it of plotting against his regime.
More on 1971 election
4 March 1996. Perspective of a youthful player in a band regarding support for Duvalier.
Jean-Claude Duvalier, 1971–1986
The Library of Congress, Country Studies, December 1989. The first few years after Jean-Claude Duvalier's installation as Haiti's ninth president-for-life were a largely uneventful extension of his father's rule. Jean-Claude was a feckless, dissolute nineteen-year-old.
Haiti-Bitter Anniversary
By Michael Norton, AP, 7 February 2003. Haitians mark the anniversary of Jean-Claude Duvalier's toppled dictatorship in 1986, searching for a way out of their latest political and economic crisis. Some say the country is better-off than in the days of brutal dictatorship under Baby Doc Duvalier, while others point bitterly to Haiti's mounting problems.