The history of Pierre Toussaint L'Ouverture

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Book Review—The Other Toussaint
By Tom Block, Stretch, 1990. A review of Ellen Tarry, The Other Toussaint: A Post-Revolutionary Black. To inform a greater public and to promote Toussaint's cause for sainthood, Ms. Tarry began her research on Toussaint's life. She captures the essence of Pierre's black roots; an informative and moving account of Pierre Toussaint from a black perspective.
Canonizing a Slave: Saint or Uncle Tom?
By Deborah Sontag, The New York Times, Sunday 23 February 1992. While it is politically expedient for the Catholic church to canonize Toussaint, they may not be picking the best role model for young people.
How did Haiti win the Revolution? Toussaint's skill!
By LaGrace Benson, 8 June 1995. Analyses of the Haitian situation tend to leave unmentioned as a factor the brilliance of the black generals, especially Toussaint (brief).
The limits of generosity: Toussaint L'Overture fought slavery to enjoy freedom; 200 years after his death his legacy feels as relevant as ever
By Gary Younge, The Guardian, Monday 7 April 2003. Toussaint L'Ouverture, the leader of the most successful slave rebellion in history. Toussaint's uprising would test just how universal the rights of man really were, and just how enlightened its European sponsors would be.
Haiti-Founding Father
By Michael Norton, AP, 7 April 2003. With Haitians marking the 200th anniversary of Toussaint Louverture's death Monday, he is being recalled as a leader whose ideals shaped the nation, even though he died in a French prison before his vision could be realized. Toussaint's example of seeking justice and peaceful coexistence has relevance today.
On Toussaint from Desrosiers
By Paultre P. Desrosiers; part of a book that he is writing. 2 June 2003. Toussaint's African roots. The epithet of L'Ouverture. In religious terms, Toussaint was Legba, the gatekeeper between the realms of man and gods, the tangled lines of force that make up the cosmic interface, and his sign is the crossroads.