The development of popular resistance in Aristide's first term

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Grassroots Struggles Sweep Haiti
From Haiti Info, 14 January 1995. Popular frustration over US troops protecting the political order that came into being under the period of Haitain army rule.
Grassroots Struggles Sweep Haiti
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 22 January 1995. Press reports of mounting resentment of US occupation of Haiti.
Haitians Seek to Disarm Macoutes
By Pat Chin, Workers World, 23 March 1995. Frustrated by refusal of US forces to act, Haitians take matters into their own hands.
New Resistance to U.S. Occupation
By Pat Chin, Workers World, 30 March 1995.
Haitian government feels mass pressure: Demand grows for higher wages, arrest of killers
By Pat Chin, Workers World, 25 May 1995. Popular discontent: public school teachers over education budget and salaries due to neoliberal reforms; US protection of General Raoul Cedras, who with FRAPH was responsible for a mass killing at Raboteau; peasants who blame the government for their hardships.
International anti-IMF conference held in Port-au-Prince
This Week in Haiti, 7-13 June 1995. International Conference Against the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and Neoliberalism, held from May 25 to 28 at the state university.