Aristide in exile (from 29 February 2004)

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Jean Bertrand Aristide: Humanist or Despot?
By Lyn Duff, Pacific News Service, 2 March 2004. The Jean Bertrand Aristide I know is markedly different from the one that is being portrayed in the media. How then to reconcile Titid the humanist with what the media calls a despot of Haiti? My opinion about Titid hasn't changed, however. I will always know Titid as a humanist over the failed politician.
U.S. delegation meets with President Aristide; Aristide reveals details of coup
Press Release, NY Answer, 8 March 2005. A delegation from the United States met twice today with overthrown Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Bangui, Central African Republic. Following the first meeting, President Aristide held a news conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then conducted a 30-minute phone interview in English with Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now.
Democracy now! interview with Mr. Aristide
Democracy Now!, Monday 8 March 2004. At approximately 7:20 am EST, Democracy Now! managed to reach exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide by cell phone in the Central African Republic. His comments represent the most extensive English-language interview Aristide has given since he was removed from office and his country.
Debunking the Media's Lies about President Aristide
By Justin Felux, Dissident Voice, 14 March 2004. Speaking from his de facto prison in the Central African Republic where he is being kept under lock and key by the French, Jean-Bertrand Aristide recently made a statement to the world in which he said, I declare in overthrowing me they have uprooted the trunk of the tree of peace, but it will grow back because the roots are L'Ouverturian.