Struggle at the L.V. Myles plant in Haiti

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4 workers arbitrarily fired in Disney plant in attempt to stop workers from organizing! 40 more have been threatened!
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 18 May 1997. L.V. Miles (a Disney sourcing agent) apparel assembly plant in the Port-au-Prince Industrial Park, a de-facto free trade zone. Circulation of a flyer protesting abusive conditions and calling for workers to organize. To retaliate, the company began arbitrary firings (in French and English).
Disney Contractor in Haiti Fires Four Workers to Stop Organizing!
Labor Alerts/Labor News, 3 June 1997. L.V. Myles Company fired four workers in May as part of an intimidation campaign. The flier protested wages and conditions at the factory and called on workers to organize to obtain their rights.
Disney contractor in Haiti fires four for union activity
Special to the World, The People's Weekly World, 14 June 1997. The May 12 firings in a retaliatory campaign against workers who were circulating an anonymous flyer in the factory protesting wages and conditions and calling on the workers to organize for their rights.
20 Disney workers fired in L.V. Myles plant—quotas have been raised again!
Batay ouvriye, 1 July 1997. In response to recent protests of the exploitation, harassment and abuse of labor by L.V. Myles, management offered some relief, but now the practices are returning. Despite the firings of about 30 workers since May, the struggle goes on. Call for action by Batay ouvriye.
Over 30 Disney workers fired in L.V. Myles plant!
The Disney/Haiti Justice Campaign, 7 November 1997. On October 24, a number of L.V. Myles workers in Haiti who sew garments which carry the Disney label were interviewed by a team of investigators from the US. 15 workers were fired the following day. L.V. Myles is attempting to stamp out worker protest to force workers into submission.
Haitian Organizers Confirm 150 Firings by Disney Contractor
From Labor Alerts, 9 December 1997. Yannick Ettienne of Batay Ouvriye confirmed that more than 150 workers were fired before a Disney internal monitoring team visited the L.V. Myles assembly plant recently. As for who was fired, Batay Ouvriye does not ask workers their last names and the workers know each other only by first names on the factory floor.