B.V.F. Apparel Manufacturing attacks workers' union

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Stop union busting by Disney Subcontractor! Urgent call in solidarity with Haitian factory workers
From The Disney/Haiti Justice Campaign, 18 September 1997. Reports from Batay Ouvriye, an independent Haitian workers organization, indicate that management at B.V.F. Apparel Manufacturing, has recently stepped up its offensive against the union.
Union Busting in B.V.F. Apparel Mfg: Haitian Disney Garment Workers Need Your Support!
Labor Alerts/Labor News, 18 December 1997. BVF Apparel Mfg. is a company that is subcontracting for the Waterbury Corp in Connecticut. Workers are assembling garments with the Disney label. Management refuses to meet with the union and fired two union leaders under ridiculous charges.