The history of drivers in the Republic of Haiti

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Transit strike hits capital
Workers World, 12 December 1996. Drivers strike to protest the rising cost of gasoline. The government claims that it can't lower gas prices, which are tied to the world market. Instead, it offered a plan to raise fares beyond most Haitians’ reach (brief).
Truckers block road to Dominican Republic
Workers World, 20 November 1997. Protesting of the brutality of custom agents toward Haitian drivers, the high cost of custom duties, and the discrimination of both country's customs against Haitians.
Bus and taxi drivers strike in Haiti. . .protest higher gas prices
AP, The Jamaica Observer, Wednesday 8 January 2003. A strike by bus and taxi drivers forced schools and many businesses to close in Haiti's major cities yesterday in a protest against a dramatic rise in gasoline prices. The price hikes since New Year's Day followed a decision by the government to halt subsidies of gas and other petroleum products.
Truckers take down border barricades
Caribbean News Briefs, 23 August 2003. Truckers removed barricades preventing traffic from crossing the Dominican-Haitian border, ending a four-day strike to protest the Dominican government's tax on shipments to and from Haiti.