The history of Catholicism in the Republic of Haiti

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A Haitian Odyssey
By Bob Corbett. 1983 description of a remote Haitian monastic order.
Review of Anne Green, The Catholic Church in Haiti: political and social change
Reviewed by Dina Evans, Fall, 1995. What role did the Haitian Catholic Church play in the downfall of Jean-Claude Duvalier? Although the Church was historically identified with the interests of successive governments in Haiti, in this instance it took an active role in the overthrow of a president.
The anti-superstition campaign and Roger Riou in Haiti
By Bob Corbett, 28 October 1996. A book by Roger Riou, It paints an extraordinary picture of the anti-superstition campaign and of Riou's whole life of 31 years working as a missionary in Haiti.
Progressive Priest Assassinated
This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 5–11 August 1998. Father Pierre Louis, known as Ti Jean, before the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship in 1986, was the cure of the Savanette parish, where he was accused of being a communist and persecuted by authorities. In later years, he was a close friend and collaborator of democracy activist Father Jean Marie Vincent, who was assassinated in a very similar ambush in 1994.
Haiti-Miracle Meeting
By Michael Norton, AP, 27 April 2003. Some 90,000 Haitians prayed Sunday for miracles to cure the array of ills bedeviling their nation. Some fell into trances, others pleaded for cures for physical ailments or even just a little money to survive. The annual Catholic Charismatic Conference. Many of the worshippers were from the Protestant Pentecostal movement; others follow a homegrown voodoo fusion of West African and Roman Catholic beliefs.