The history of music and dance in the Republic of Haiti

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List of books and articles on music
Compiled by Bob Corbett, with a supplement by Carrol Coates, from Bob Corbett's Haiti list, 20 November 1996.
Grupo Vocal Desandann breaks Maimi’s cultural blockade
By Kim Ives, This Week in Haiti, Haiti Progres, 20–26 June 2001. The beloved Cuban-Haitian vocal group Desandann finally toured Miami thanks to the efforts of a coalition of arts activists who took Miami officials to court and overturned a regulation effectively banning Cuban groups.
Singer Martha Jean-Claude Dead at 82
Haïti Progrès, 21 November 2001. Haitian singer and actress Martha Jean-Claude, whose engaged music inspired Haitians struggling against dictatorship for decades, died at age 82 on November 14 in Havana.
Haitian melodies
By Cary Darling, Miami-Herald, Friday 18 April 2003. Haitian twoubadou, a silky and romantic take on Haitian compas, translates as troubadour and, as that designation implies, the style is more concerned with melody, lyrics, harmonies and acoustic instruments than some of its Caribbean competitors.
Haitian Big Band Fires Up U.S. East Coast
By Jane Regan, IPS, 6 December 2003. Septentrional, Haiti's oldest big band orchestra, and its boule du feu (ball of fire) rhythm—born of the Haitian compas merengue-influenced beat, Vodou ritual rhythms and Cuban flavour gleaned from radio shows—never fails to bring Haitians to the dance floors.