Books as resources for the study of Haiti

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Review of Paul Farmer, The Uses of Haiti
By Bob Corbett, 14 June 1994. Was Haiti's history primarily shaped by inside or outside factors?
Haiti: List of Books now in Print
Compiled by Bob Corbett, 1 Dec 1994.
List of history books on Haiti
Compiled by Bob Corbett, 11 October 1994.
History of Operation Uphold Democracy
From Walter E. Kretchik, LTC, 25 October 1995. The Chief of Staff US Army asked the Combat Studies Institute, Command and General Staff College, FT Leavenworth, Kansas, to write the Army's history of the Haitian conquest, UPHOLD DEMOCRACY.
From Dessalines to Duvalier by David Nicholls (1996)
Reviewed by Bob Corbett, 10 February 1996. Nicholls assumes that events are shaped by the intellectuals who formulated history and ideology. The book is here compared to Haiti in the World Economy: Class, Race and Underdevelopment since 1700 by Alex Dupuy (1989).
Silencing the past: Power and the production of history by Michel-Rolph Trouillot
Reviewed by Bob Corbett, June 1996. Without writing a book about Haiti, Michel-Rolph Trouillot has written one of the most interesting books about Haiti I've ever read. A book about how history is created by historians.
Partial list of editors and distributors of Haitian books
From Emmanuel W. Vedrine, 10 November 1998.