Dismantle blockade on Cuba

Statement of the National Board of the Communist Party USA

In People's Weekly World, 14 October, 1995, pg. 4

A broad cross-section of people in the U.S. now believe the anti-human, Cold War blockade of socialist Cuba serves no purpose. In fact, the U.S. foreign policy is out of step with the policies of almost every country in the world.

For this reason, President Clinton's executive order lifting some restrictions on travel, aid and money transfers between our country and Cuba is a small, first step toward normalizinag relations with our Caribbean neighbor.

For the first time in decades, the State Department's anti-Cuban curtain has been raised enough to reveal the potential for an open and above-board, productive and peaceful relationship between our two countries. Such a normalization of relations would bring jobs and trade to the mutual benefit of Cuba and the United States.

But this requires an even bigger next step by the Clinton administration: lifting the 35-year old illegal inhumane and self-defeating trade embargo and putting an end to the illegal and undemocratic interference into the affairs of Cuba.

While the Gingrich-Dole-Gramm "Contract On America" crowd are taking steps to prolong and tighten the blockade, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany and numerous Latin American countries have built up thriving trade and other economic relationships with Cuba. The blockade of Cuba has cost U.S. workers jobs and millions of tax dollars - monies which otherwise could be used to answer the dire crisis plaguing our cities and towns.

Just as the changing tide of public opinion moved the Clinton administration to take a small, yet positive step in issuing the executive order, so can militant pressure on a massive scale hasten the day for an end to the embargo and a veto of the Helms-Burton Bill now before Congress.

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