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Subject: Jose Marti Journalism Inst: News from Havana

The Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism

From Michael Fuller, 16 May 1996

The Jose Marti International Institute of Journalism, founded in 1983 by the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) has reopened its doors after an obligatory recess brought on by the current economic difficulty in Cuba.

Revived under new funding, without abandoning the premises of being an Institute of the South, it is directed toward continuing education and the interchange of experience among colleagues from all over the world.

To continue our commitment to postgraduate and adult education, and research on social communication through courses, seminars, workshops and training from the national to international level, we offer you a report of the events organized for 1996:

1. Caribbean Cultural Identity and Journalism

Objective: To discover common ground between professionals from the region in the analysis of Caribbean realities and journalism. Date: June 25-30, 1996 Registration fee: $60.00 USD

2. First Euro-American Encounter: the Social Role of Journalism for Mutual Understanding

Objective: To promote exchange about the social role of journalism in contemporary reality between European and Latin American professionals. Date: August 12-17, 1996 Registration fee: $80.00 USD; $40.00 USD students

3. International Conference on Community and Alternative Press

Objective: To exchange experience about contemporary communication, democracy and grass roots movements. Date: October 21-26, 1996 Registration fee: $50.00 USD

4. Hemingway: Hard Core Journalism

Objective: To examine the journalistic aspects of the famous writer. Date: September 23-27, 1996

5. Ibero-American Film Critics Encounter

Objective: To contribute to dialog between film critics from our countries and discuss professional challenges for journalists in the 21st century. Date: December 2-6, 1996 Registration fee: $60.00 USD

The deadline for receiving papers is 45 days before the first day of each event, with each work being limited to six (6) double spaced typed pages with an attached summary of approximately 30 lines.

There will be guest researchers and specialists at each event to offer workshops and discussion sections.

Interested participants may reply to the address below.


Michael Fuller Relaciones Internacionales Instituto Internacional de Periodismo Jose Marti Calle G #503 e/ 21 y 23 Plaza Habana, Cuba 10400 Tel (537) 32 29 65 Fax (537) 33 30 79 e-mail: <yankro@instjm.sld.cu>