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The history of pre-socialist Cuba

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   The retrospective history in general of Cuba

The Cubans who fought at Gettysburg
By Pedro J. Saavedra. Col. Fernandez Cavada's name is associated in Cuban history with those of the Cuban generals especially Roloff of Villa Clara, (Las Villas, the middle province) who were involved in the official declaration of the Ten Year Cuban War for Independence (1868-1878).
100 Years of Conflict
By Dalia Acosta, IPS. The sinking of the U.S. Maine in 1888 served as a pretext for the U.S. to intervene in Cuba's war of independence and take over the island.
Funston at Las Guasimas in 1898?
By Larry Daley. General Garcia's control of the countryside and critical military points allowed the US landings to succeed. Fred Funston's actions and training played a large role in assuring victory in the Spanish-Cuban-American War.
Review of Aine Helg, Our Rightful Share: The Afro-Cuban Struggle for Equality, 1886-1912
By Paul Figueroa. 29 June, 1995. Helg sets out to show how Cuban blacks and mulattoes were kept down through discrimination even after independence. She takes as her central incident the "armed protest" of the Partido Independiente de Color in May 1912.
The Sugar Workers' Strike Of 1955
By Alina Marti'nez Triay. Translation and reprint of an article in Trabajadores. The strike by 200,000 sugar workers in December 1955, centered in Las Villas province. Due to an attempt by the Batista government, on behalf of the sugar owners, to reduce the sugar differential.