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The history of socialist revolution in Cuba

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   The retrospective history in general of Cuba

The day that launched the Cuban Revolution
By Jill Hickson, in Green Left Weekly. July 26 is the 43rd anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks by a small group of badly armed young Cuban revolutionaries, an attack which failed in its immediate aim but which is considered the day that launched the Cuban Revolution.
Jesus Montane Oropesa 1923-1999, Cuban Revolutionary Hero
Obituary by Neville Spencer, Green Left WSeekly. One of the few survivors of the July 26, 1953, attack on the Moncada army garrison - the event now celebrated as the beginning of the Cuban Revolution.
Revolutionary Cuba: Che Guevara Describes `Baptism Of Fire'
Excerpts from Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War - 1956-58, by Ernesto Che Guevara.
Articles by Che Guevara from Sierra Maestra
By Ernesto Che Guevara, in the Militant. Three articles written in 1958. The first year of our struggle in the Sierra Maestra; Everywhere, patriots are murdered, with or without arms, whether or not they are rebels; The difference between the tattered and filthy twelve men who roamed the Sierra Maestra and our new army of twelve columns and great offensive might.
The man with the good hat (revised)
By Larry Daley. First hand account of a member of a military group in the 28 July Movemwent, which monitored the road to Guisa, and its encounter with a numbers runner, and the question of the group's real purpose.
She lay dead in the crushed guinea grass, but she seemed so young and unharmed
By Larry Dailey. Company Six, Column One, in late 1958. Company Six was lead by Orlando Rodriguez Puerta and Column One is Castro's own column. We were winning on the plains of the Cauto, the forces of Cuban Dictator Batista were hiding out in their strong places fearing our attacks. A failed ambush and role of Taino machine gunners.
Ambush at Central America (rev 2)
By Larry Daley. December 1958. We, the Castro led rebels fighting Batista, now control a few town such as Guisa and Bueycito, and most of the countryside. Here in Old Oriente Province we still do not control the larger cities like Bayamo and Holguin, but are making progress. Re. our being ambused in the town named Central America.
The town of Yara and my memories of Che
By Harry Villegas, Cuba Direct,. An undisciplined Taino youth of Yara describes the momentous events in that town, and his effort to join Che's forces in the Sierra Maestra, and his activity as part of Fidel's bodyguard. Recollections of Fidel and Che.
Guevara On Social Aims Of The Rebel Army: `Agrarian Reform Was Spearhead Of Combatants' In The Cuban Revolution
A speech by Che Guevara, 27 January 1959. `40th Anniversary Of Workers And Farmers In Power In Cuba' series, from the Militant.
Lessons from Cuba, then and now
By Victor and Ellen Perlo, People's Weekly World. Impressions of Cuba in 1959, three months after the victory of the revolution. U.S. hostility to Cuba and U.S. terrorism.