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The working-class history of Cuba

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   The history in general of Cuba

In Cuba, you can't talk of unemployment
An Interview with Pedro Ross Leal, General Secretary of the Cuban Confederation of Workers (CTC), in People's Weekly World, 21 October 1995. Tries to distinguish capitalist unemployment from the lack of jobs due to Cuba's economic constraints.
Video Review: Cuba's most powerful weapon
By Bob McCubbin, Workers World, 22 August 1996. "Workers' Democracy in Cuba" highlights Cuba's most powerful weapon in the struggle against all US aggression: the class consciousness and revolutionary determination of the Cuban working class.
Cubans lead May Day resurgence
From South News, May Day 1998. A million people took part in the main parade at Havana's Revolution Square. This year's mobilization is in tribute to the late, charismatic labor leader in the sugar industry, Jesus Menendez, assassinated in 1948 by security forces on the eve of a strike in 1948.
Down on the Farm: Trade Unions in Cuba
By André Linard, Info Sud, ICFTU OnLine..., 25 June 1998. Polarisation is no longer an accurate depiction of the Cuban problem. New actors, although less visible, are making their presence felt. They include the trade unions.
Worker Discontent Deepens with Crisis
By Dalia Acosta, IPS, 15 November 2000. Job dissatisfaction among Cuban workers has grown worse over the last decade, in parallel with the worst economic crisis the socialist government of Fidel Castro has faced.