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Falconbridge Workers Remain On Strike

CAW/TCA Canada, Contact, Vol. 30 no.24, 8 September 2000

CAW members at Falconbridge in Sudbury, Ontario, have entered their fifth week on strike against the nickel, copper and precious metals producer.

The company is continuing to demand take aways in areas such as seniority rights, contracting out language, union representation, changes to health and safety and others.

In an attempt to run its operations, Falconbridge has also filed for injunctions to limit picketing.

Rolly Gauthier, president of CAW Local 598, said the membership remain strong. "The letters of solidarity and those who have shown up to help out on the picket line are greatly appreciated and are a big boost to morale," said Gauthier.

There are more than 1,200 CAW members on strike at Falconbridge.

Internet users wanting more information on the strike can visit www.minemill598.com