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More employees join Montreal truckers' strike

CBC Newsworld, WebPosted Tue Nov 7 08:23:38 2000 ET

MONTREAL - In a show of support for truckers involved in an illegal strike, 30 office workers from two major container terminals walked off the job Monday.

The 30 employees of Cast Canada and Racine terminals, which handle about 70 per cent of the containers going through the Port of Montreal, demanded their employers respect their labour contracts.

On Sunday, the Confederation of National Trade Unions in Quebec said it would back striking truckers all the way.

The truckers are defying a provincial back-to-work order in a fight to organize a union of independent truck drivers.

The strike began Oct. 22 and is starting to make an economic impact on importers of food like Moroccan oranges and European wine and cheeses.

There has also been violence on the picket line.

RECENT STORY: Striking Montreal truckers accused of intimidation

Someone shot at a trucker hauling cargo out of the Port of Montreal Saturday. Police however aren't linking the attack to the strike.

Also on Saturday, Quebec Transport Minister Guy Chevrette accused some truckers of bullying others trying to work at the port.

The strike is paralysing one of the busiest ports in North America.