The retrospective history of Canada

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Canada's shame lies hidden by a tribute to the fallen mutiny cover-up
By Andrew Mullins, Independent. On 4 and 5 March 1919, thousands of battle-weary veterans turned on their officers. Two men were bayoneted to death, as three dozen men marched through the camp, waving a red flag and banging on an improvised drum.
A dark chapter in Canadian history
CBC Television News: The National. In the 1930s, native people were recruited to work in a uranium mine. They were never told of the health hazards they faced, even though the government knew. Most of the workers came from the Dene village of Deline, just south of the Arctic Circle on the shores of Great Bear Lake.
Remembering Bobby Jackson
By Jack Lappin. Bobby, a real staunch working-class leader, was in and out of relief camps in the hungry thirties, a Leader of of the unemployed in BC. He took a leading part on the Onto Ottawa Trek in 1935 and was in the thick of the Regina Riots.