The standoff between the Shuswap and the RCMP at Gustafsen Lake

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Gustafsen Lake update
From Ernie Yacub, 29 August 1995. The tide is turning at the Sacred Sundance Grounds in Shuswap (Secwepemc) territory. The siege at Gustafsen Lake, now into its 6th day, is beginning to crack.
Interview of Ben Mahony and Wolverine (William Jones Ignace)
In Terminal City (Vancouver), 21-27 March 1997. Wolverine has been in jail since September 1995 charged with eighteen other Shuswap members of the Gustafsen Lake camp. A mistrial may be declared.
Canada moves to implement cover-up—Now is the time to demand international participation in Gustafsen inquiry
From Settlers In Support of Indigenous Sovereignty (SISIS), 7 August 1997. High ranking Canadian government officials and other unindicted co-conspirators involved in an illegal paramilitary operation against indigenous Shuswap traditionalists are scrambling to contain an escalating political crisis.
Canada scrambles to contain Gustafsen crisis
By Chris Morabito, The Martlet (University of Victoria student newspaper), 12 March 1998. The Canadian government has gone into image control mode in response to Mayan outrage over the Gustafsen Lake siege, which occurred on unceded Shuswap territory in 1995.
Gustafsen Lake: A classic coverup continues
By C. Morabito, University of Victoria Graduate Students' Society Newspaper, December 1998. More than three years after the largest para-military operation in Canadian history, national and international support for an independent public inquiry into all aspects of the Gustafsen Lake standoff continues to grow.