The economic circumstances of the working class in Canada

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Gov't cuts health and safety inspections threatening Canadians on the job
Press release by Canadian Labor Congress, 17 November 1995.
Update on Negotiations for a Canadian Base Code of Labour Practice
From Maquila Solidarity Network, for the Ethical Trading Action Group, 8 March 2000. Negotiations for garment industries stalled over labour rights issues, including the right to organize and bargain collectively. Campaign urging the Hudson's Bay and Sears Canada to provide leadership to ensure the successful negotiation of a Canadian code based on ILO Conventions.
Is Big McBrother invading workplace privacy?
By Graeme Smith, The Globe and Mail, Tuesday 13 January 2004. One of Canada's largest fast-food chains is trying out technology that is rapidly changing workplaces across the country and raising concerns about employee privacy. McDonald's workers in Winnipeg begin and end each shift by placing their hand on a scanner that confirms their identity.