The IT, media, and telecommunications of Canada

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Journalists unite in oppostion to Bill 26
The Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists, media release, 13 December 1995. Journalists from across Canada have united to oppose changes to the access to information legislation contained in the controversial Tory Omnibus Bill. The changes will impair the ability of journalists to scrutinize the functioning of the government.
Media Study Finds Newspapers Guilty of Propagating Racist Stereotypes
By Mark Bourrie, IPS, 4 April 2000. Canada's largest-circulation and most politically influential newspapers are culturally biased and encourage racist stereotypes almost daily.
Defame Game Serious in Canada
By Charles Mandel, Wired News, 14 September 2000. Canadian e-mailers can no longer hide behind a cloak of anonymity if reasonable grounds exist to show they've distributed defamatory statements over the Internet.