The economic history of the Province of Quebec

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Mosel Vitelic abandons plan for Quebec chip plant
Reuters, 15 December 2000. Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer Mosel Vitelic has abandoned plans to build a C$3 billion plant in Quebec because Ottawa not willing to pay a heavy subsidy.
Asbestos mine faces bankruptcy
The Canadian Press, Wednesday 9 October 2002. The falling world price of asbestos has stopped production at one of the last asbestos mines in Quebec, which employed 320 workers, and forced the company into bankruptcy protection. The once-thriving asbestos mining industry in southeastern Quebec has been decimated mainly for health and environmental reasons.
Gildan, a Montreal-based company, uses union-busting and sweatshops to make its profits!
Call to Action Against Sweatshops and Union Busting North and South, 29 June 2003. Gildan is a big player in the T-Shirt business. Gildan is highly profitable. Gildan is an example of a success story in the new globalized economy. Companies resist unionization and move production South in order to exploit cheap labour rather than improve conditions of workers at home.