The political struggle of the working class of Quebec

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Policy Resolution on the Quebec Referendum adopted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada
At its meeting on September 15–17 1995. The people of Quebec will be asked through a referendum to give approval for the Assemblie Nationale to declare Quebec a sovereign state. In our opinion, the "Yes" option advanced by the Parti Quebecois for the separation of Quebec would open the door to the total dismemberment and absorption of all parts of Canada—including Quebec—by U.S. imperialism.
Quebec independence a step forward for all workers in the Americas
By Marcel Hatch and Dylan Kendrick, Freedom Socialist, 18 September 1995. Second-class citizens in their own land—that has been the lot of Quebec's French-speaking majority, the Quebecois, since the 1759 British victory over the French on the Plains of Abraham outside Quebec City. Quebec labour is in the forefront of the push for independence. Also favouring sovereignty are Quebec's progressive activists and most of its Left.
Canada given another chance
By the Communist Party of Canada, 31 October 1995. The Quebec separation referendum of 30 October. The razor-thin NO victory in the Quebec referendum has staved off the imminent break-up of Canada and generated undeniable momentum for structural change. The critical question before Canadians now will be the content of that change.
Unions ready for battle; Charest government is ‘anti-union’: CSQ
By Kevin Dougherty, The Gazette, Saturday 29 June 2003. In what outgoing Centrale des syndicats du Qu├ębec president Monique Richard called a good practice demonstration, about 1,000 members of the CSQ, which public sector employees, demonstrated outside the National Assembly, attacking initial moves by the Liberal government of Premier Jean Charest, which threaten universal day care and other social programs dear to the CSQ membership.
100 000 in Montreal: the biggest May Day ever in Quebec
By Nicolas Phibus, 5 May 2004. According to various reports, some 100 000 people showed up. Author in the anarchist contingent, which was called for by the Montreal based CLAC and Quebec City based Assemblee des libertaires (NEFAC participate in both groups).