Working-class economic struggle in British Colombia

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Cyber Support Requested!!! Purdy's Chocolates On Strike!!!
From Gordon Flett, Chair, Vancouver & District Labour Council Strike Support Committee, 5 May 2001. The 103 members of the Communications, Energy, and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local 2000 who work at the Purdy's went on strike. The company has covered over the windows, hired a security company and appears to want to maintain some level of production with scabs.
Okanagan cherry pickers walk out for better wages, working conditions
Canadian Press, Penticton Herald, Monday 9 July 2001. The harvest of British Columbia's famed cherry crop was put in jeopardy after cherry pickers walked off the job over wages and working conditions. Most of the pickers are young people from Quebec who migrate to British Columbia for the fruit-picking season. An estimated 50 per cent of growers are paying pickers less than the minimum piece rate for what they pick; working conditions don't meet the Employment Standards Act.
B.C. braces for health workers strike
CBC News Online, Thursday 19 July 2001. Fourteen thousand health-care workers in BC are planning to walk off the job in an illegal strike. The pharmacists and lab technologists were legislated back to the negotiating table last month, but attempts to reach a new collective agreement were futile.
The end's in sight for transit strike
By Keith Fraser, The Province, Wednesday 1 August 2001. The Liberals are expected to introduce a bill today that would order bus drivers back to work. The government has not ruled out an imposed settlement or binding arbitration to end the dispute. An overwhelming majority of respondents to last week's Province online poll supported government intervention to end the Greater Vancouver transit strike.