The working-class history of Ontario Province

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Ontario Unionists End Six-Week Walkout
By Roger Annis, The Militant, 15 May 1995. 148 members of Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) Local 1497 struck February 21 against MBI's demand for a seven-day, 12-hour shift operation. The strike ended April 4. Seven days earlier, the company said it would close the factory. They didn't walk over us like they thought they would. We're going back to work with our heads up.
Join Workers' Fight In Canada
The Militant, 11 December 1995. The Ontario Federation of Labor has called a one-day strike in London, Ontario, for December 11 to protest cuts in social services and antilabor legislation. Workers from other cities will join the picket lines and rallies. This is an opportunity for working people and fighting youth to stand together to defend our rights.
Ontario Workers Debate Way Forward
By John Steele, The Militant, 2 December 1996. Canada's capitalists reacted with outrage to the show of union power during the October 22-27 Metro Days of Protest against the austerity and anti-union drive of the 17-month-old Conservative government of Ontario Premier Michael Harris.
Arrest of Ontario Party Leader Denounced
21 October 2000. Hassan Husseini, Ontario leader of the Communist Party, was arrested and charged with participating in a riot and with assault with a weapon during the June 15 demonstration at Queen's Park. Arrests over the past several months following the OCAP action when Toronto police attempted to forcefully break up the anti-poverty protest.