The social history of Ontario Province

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Homeless set up camp in city park
Canada News, 8 August 1999. In a Toronto downtown park Saturday night, dozens of homeless people made a political statement by doing together what they do alone every night all over the city—sleeping outside.
Unfamiliar to Canada'lack of roofs
By Julie Finnin Day, Christian Science Monitor, 14 January 2002. Tent City is a patch of industrial land in Toronto's port district where some 50 people live in homes cobbled out of scrap wood, donated DuraKit shelters, and anything that can be nailed to a two-by-four. The shantytown is an icon of a new social reality: Many of Canada's cities are beginning to resemble the ugly side of America.
Shelter from the Storm
CBC TV, [2002]. Last winter, a handful of Toronto—homeless people living in tents and lean-to's on a plot of industrial land close to the lake shore, banded together to try to get a roof over their heads. Declaring the homeless crisis a disaster, a group of city housing activists joined forces with the residents of Tent City and began lobbying for disaster housing to replace the tents and lean-tos.
Toronto Tent City Draws Focus to Plight of Homeless
By Cameron French, Reuters, Saturday 10 February 2002. Not far from the 80-story bank towers and majestic Art Deco hotel facades that stand proudly at the epicenter of Toronto, there is a poisonous nugget of frozen land that is generating more than its fair share of interest. The media calls it tent city and it houses a chunk of the city's growing army of homeless.