The working-class history of Manitoba Province

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Winnipeg Boeing Workers Walk Out
By Katy Leroux and Bob Cantrick, The Militant, 19 August 1996. The 900 members of Canadian Autoworkers Local 2169 went on strike against Boeing Canada, Winnipeg Division. These workers supply Boeing's U.S. plants with substructures for aircraft.
Steelworkers Win Labor Dispute at Inco in Manitoba
ICEM press release, 10 December 1999. The United Steelworkers of America (USWA) announced that its members at Inco Ltd.'s nickel mine and mill complex in northern Manitoba ratified a new collective bargaining agreement by a 66% margin.
Future is at stake in this struggle in Canada!
From Alan Maki, 10 March 2001. Members of the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) Local 2224 are involved in a very difficult strike in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Alan Maki seeks the support of a North Dekota labor conference for the strike and appends two two resolutions of the Winnipeg Labour Council.