The working-class history of Nunavut Territory

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Unstable relations with Steelworkers rocks Nanisivik Mine
United Steelworkers of America press release, 16 August 2000. Contract talks have broken off between the United Steelworkers' Local 9446 at Nanisivik Mine and Breakwater Resources Ltd.'s wholly-owned subsidiary, Canzinco Ltd. The mine is located 700 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, and was purchased by Breakwater Resources in 1996. The Steelworkers union was certified to represent the 145 miners last spring.
Union warns of more job transfer woes
North.CBC, 3 July 2003. The Nunavut Employees Union says the territorial government may have trouble filling the latest batch of jobs to be transferred out of the capital to a smaller community. The government's plan to spread jobs throughout the territory is an admirable one, but could be making a bad situation worse.
GN-NEU wage deal decided on northern allowance
By Jim Bell, Nunatsiaq News, 9 April 2004. The Government of Nunavut bought three-and-a half of years of labour peace for itself by throwing money at the northern allowance. The new agreement covers about 1,750 employees—or about one-third of Nunavut residents who have jobs.