The contemporary political history of Alberta Province

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Alberta privatizes labor standards enforcement
Canadian Press, Edmonton Journal, 5 September 1996. Alberta is planning to privatize enforcement of labor standards so workers claiming everything from unjust dismissal to inadequate maternity leave will have to take complaints to store-front operations.
The government is out to smash Alberta's unions
IWW Edmonton General Membership Branch, August 2002. the Alberta Government without advance warning and very little fanfare announced that it would spend the next two months reviewing Alberta's Labour Relations Legislation.
Calgarians Go Public! In privatization's boom town
CUPE Alberta, News Release, 10 October 2002. Participants at a lively town hall meeting last night were clear in their determination to stop the spread of privatization in health care, education and other vital public services. The Go Public! town hall was organized by the Canadian Union of Public Employees.