The contemporary political history of Saskatchewan Province

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Continuing Atrocities by Canadian Police Against First Nations People
By Trisha Monture-Angus, 21 March 2000. Writes for support of the position of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations regarding the recent policing crisis in Saskatchewan.
Labour passes resolution condemning proposed EDS deal
CBC Saskatchewan, 1 November 2002. Organized Labour in Saskatchewan is holding to its plan to derail a deal that would overhaul the province's computer services. The deal proposed by Texas-based, Electronic Data Services would barter our jobs away.
Labour prepares for provincial election
CBC Saskatchewan, 3 November 2002. Saskatchewan's labour movement is hoping to set the agenda for the next provincial election. Any politician who chooses not to follow will suffer the consequences.
SGEU warns about voting Sask Party
CBC Saskatchewan, 3 October 2003. The province's largest public sector union is warning its members how voting for the Saskatchewan Party may affect them. Cuts to public services. If it shows support for the NDP over the Sask Party, then it's only because of what they stand for.