The working-class history of Saskatchewan Province

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Saskatchewan Strike Puts Phone Company On Hold
The Militant, 6 May 1996. After 13 months of working without a contract, 3,600 members of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada struck Saskatchewan Telephone (SaskTel) April 10. Many of us have never been on strike before.
Potential strike not approved by union
By Anne Kyle, The Leader-Post, Friday 4 October 2002. The province's more than 1,000 correctional workers could be walking the picket line. However the strike has not been sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Workers (SGEU) public service and government employees' bargaining committee. The union is bound by a contract that does not expire until Sept. 30, 2003. It's probably not sanctioned by SGEU, but that simply means we won't be getting any strike pay, which is basically peanuts anyway, a worker said.
‘Scab is a scab’: Outside help sparks debate
By Neil Scott, The Leader-Post, Monday 7 October 2002. The use of so-called replacement workers during strikes is provoking heated discussion once again, as the strike by 2,500 health sciences workers rages past the two-week mark. Replacement workers increase the acrimony of strikes and often delay settlement.