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Subject: privatizatioin resources available
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From: Warren Fretwell <>

Privatization resources available

By Warren Fretwell, AFGE Local 3342. 1 September, 1995

There are materials out there, some of which you may already know about. The Public Employees Department of the AFL-CIO publishes a booklet entitled "The Human Cost of Contracting Out." I think it cost $3.00. You can reach them at

Public Employees Department, AFL-CIO
815 Sixteenth Street, NW Suite 308
Washington DC 20006

or call 202-393-2820

AFGE has a couple of nice booklets on contracting out:

AFGE Local Activist's Guidebook to Contracting Out

How To Stop Contracting Out

Call Field Services for a copy. I don't know what AFGE's policy is on making this publication available for non-AFGE representatives inasmuch as it was prepared for internal use. But, for those who are not associated with AFGE, it might still have some benefit. You might try 202-639-6406 to see if they'll make these publications available for a small fee.

Robert Hebdon at Cornell University wrote "The Perils of Privatization." I called the University and they promised to send me a copy. I believe Bob is doing research in Canada right now; but he logs on to publabor and could be a valuable resource on the subject <>

Ellen Dannin from California Western School of Law is writing a "white paper" on privatization and, from the initial drafts, it looks like it'll hit the nail on the head. She'll tell us about it on publabor, I'm sure <>

Drew Mendelson from SEIU Local 1000 in Sacremento has posted on publabor that his local of California State Employees has a task force on privatization and contracting out. They also have a white paper on the subject: Selling California Out: The Case Against Contracting Out." If Drew is listening, thanks for sending me the copy! <>

I'm sure ther are others who've contributed to the debate and have information available and I trust I haven't slighted anyone by leaving them out.

As you may know, AFGE has a General Committee level subcommittee researching the subject and preparing a strategy for dealing with contracting out work at the Social Security Administration. Our recommendations will be out shortly.

Warren Fretwell
AFGE Local 3342
PO Box 7247
Syracuse New York 13261-7247

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